Use of natural energy resources and energy savings

Floreasca Park is the first office development in Bucharest to really embrace meaningful, practical and environmentally focussed energy saving concepts. The main innovations are to the heating and cooling plant which consists of a ground sourced heat pump system and the use of ground water cooling (without chemical coolants) for server rooms.

These low carbon technologies include:
– Ground coupled ventilation system, ground water IT cooling and night cooling.
– ‘A’ rated energy performance monitoring according to BREEAM and BMS monitoring of all energy consuming systems.
– Energy efficient miconic lifts.
– Energy efficient external LED lighting.
– Facade shading fins and high quality glazing to reduce internal heat gains.

The combination of all the above items will bring significant savings in the amount of electricity used and therefore reduce the total costs of electricity in the buildings up to 40%. The systems adopted in Floreasca Park will drastically reduce the level of consumption.

The ground sourced heat pump system is made up of a series of underground tubes which sit 120 metres below ground level around the building.

The ground source heat pump system is made up of approximately 70 wells in which there are 4 pipes, spaced around the building and under the bio-park. The water in the tubes is naturally heated by the mass of the Earth which is then fed back up to the heating and cooling system. In effect, it is way of storing warm water which then needs less energy to be heated up to the required temperature at the plant room.


The facade module and glazing system has been designed on the southern and western facades in order to reduce solar gain into the office space, which in turn will reduce the need to cool the workplace. On most facades there are shear walls which are necessary structural elements of the buildings. There are no cross-bracing supports often found in Bucharest office buildings which limit the use of space and block the facade. In addition, there are vertical fins on the western facades which is another non-mechanical solution for reducing heat gains and improving the internal environment.