Floreasca Park Car-pooling program

Share YOUR ride and care for YOUR environment!

Join the Car-pooling program operated by Floreasca Park and reduce your personal carbon footprint. Sounds exciting? It should do!

Share your car with a colleague traveling in the same direction! Make going to work an even more pleasurable and eco-friendly experience!

Car emissions represent one of the main pollution sources in Bucharest. As a result of the high level of toxins in the air, our capital ranks among the most polluted cities in Europa.  Let’s avoid a smoggy Bucharest! Let’s be the ones that make the change and improve our urban living conditions!

So make a change and care for your environment, join Floreasca Park Car-pooling program! It’s so easy!

How it works:

You have two options: www.4inmasina.ro or www.carpoolworld.com

  1. 1.       Create an account on www.4inmasina.ro or www.carpoolworld.com
  2. 2.       Whether you are a driver or a passenger search for your daily route to work or from work to your home.
  3. 3.       After you find a match, contact that person to arrange details for the ride(s), like: costs, meeting points and other issues.
  4. 4.       Then meet with your driver or passengers and shared the car ride as planned.



Save Travel costs – By having more people using one vehicle you reduce each person’s travel costs, fuel, tickets and time. Buy a nice treat for yourself or your family instead of investing in petrol!

Be eco-friendly – Car-pooling is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel because it reduces carbon emissions.

Make new friends – Sharing your car could mean making new friends among co-workers.